This looks like it’s going to be good one.


Another installment of Music for Anti Heroes brings psych-driven fuzz & beat four-piece Kettering band Thee Telepaths to Todmorden:

Psych-driven fuzz & beat four-piece from Kettering with a big sound that owes a clear debt to the metallic proto-punk rock of The Stooges & The MC5, the ’80s drone-fuzz of Loop & Spacemen 3, the wonky electronics of The Silver Apples & Suicide and the warped heavy psychedelia of Black Sabbath.

In support local gutter-blues band We Were Lawless:

“Imagine Tom Waits put through a Queens of the Stone Age blender and produced by David Lynch.”

and Featherteeth chlled out psych:

UPCOMING ASSIGNMENT: Music for Anti-Heroes: Thee Telepaths supported by We Were Lawless & Featherteeth